“Robin Waxenberg is the best public relations professional I have ever worked with. We have 22 years of experience together. Her creativity shines through on every project and her innovative ideas are endless. She is a master in strategic planning and creating and implementing public relations plans.

Robin first worked with me at the American Academy of Dermatology where she promoted skin cancer prevention and detection campaigns, the Academy’s Annual Meetings, camps for children with skin conditions, special events and crisis communications.

While I was at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Robin championed countless special events, injury prevention campaigns, public service campaigns, the Academy’s 75th Anniversary, films, news from several Annual Meeting meetings, general media relations and crisis communications.

She is a real leader who knows how to effectively work with diverse groups. She gets along with the media, staff members, association members, boards of directors and corporate sponsors. She excels in media training association leadership. I was particularly fortunate to always have Robin’s guidance over a variety of crisis situations in both organizations.  She gave the very best strategic advice and work across each organization to resolve issues successfully.

Knowing Robin was a highlight of my professional career.  She always made me look good and made every organization she helped be their best.”
– Sandra Gordon
Former Director of Communications, American Academy of Dermatology and American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

“Robin Waxenberg brings to the table infinitely more than her top-notch professional skills and boundless energy.  She brings passion!  Unquestionably passionate about her work, Robin is also passionate about the work her clients do.  She strives to learn more, she “gets under the skin” until she fully and completely understands her client’s business or organization, and is able to craft a powerful and meaningful message on their behalf.  Robin is relentless in her pursuit of professional excellence.”
– Olga Foley, IOM
Executive Director, Operation Walk USA

“Robin has promoted the Academy’s Annual Meeting research for many years, consistently securing a broad-range of prominent national placements and working closely with staff, medical experts and media. She has also championed several of our education programs both nationally and on the grassroots level with excellent results and an in-depth knowledge of the orthopaedic landscape. She is a talented and tenacious professional, and we greatly value our long-term partnership. I highly recommend Robin Waxenberg & Associates.”
– Melissa Leeb
Director, Public Relations, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons